Club Track of the Week: Cara Quici – Away From You (Jump Smokers Remix)

Meet Cara Quici. (No, really–look! It says “Cara” right on her arm there! You know, in case you didn’t believe me or something.)

Tonight, as I was driving to a haircut on three hours of sleep and a whole lot of adrenaline following my major Britney story scoop in the wee hours of the morning (WHAT? A BLOGGER BOY’S ALLOWED TO BRAG YOU KNOW), I turned on the radio to find sounds that greatly pleased me coming from KTU 103.5.

The beat was a-rockin’, the electro a-grindin’ and the melody a-pleasin’: “Does your love burn hot and your skin turn cold every time I’m away from you?” a mystery chanteuse cried out atop the trance beats of the chorus. Sure, this wasn’t a mind-blowing vocal performance or anything, but the track was bumpin’–perfect for hitting the club. Think September, think Cascada, and everything in between.

But then it happened: The song’s almighty beat drop following the chorus that really tugged at my gay, gay heart strings and sold me. OH, THAT FILTHY, GRITTY ELECTRONICA! Gimme, gimme moah, as a certain legend might say.

Quickly whipping out my phone to ID the track (while running over several elderly pedestrians in the process), the track was identified at last: Cara Quici – “Away From You (Jump Smokers Remix).” (LISTEN)

“Hmm,” I said to myself while staring at the tiny phone screen and continuing to plow through innocent civilians, “I don’t think I know a Cara Quici.”

Luckily, I’m back at home now. And thanks to the interwebz, I totally know who Cara Quici is now.


+ Cara Quici is from Texas.
+ She enjoys making melodious sounds with her mouth.
+ She was once a competition cheerleader.
+ She is currently working on her debut album, due out in 2011.
+ “Away From You” is the debut single from said album, produced by Max Gousse, Senior VP of Def Jam Universal.
+ “Away From You” is good, but the Jump Smokers remix of the song is EVEN. BETTER.

Here’s a bit of what it sounds like, featuring those deliciously naughty post-chorus beats:

UMPH. To learn more, check out Cara Quici’s official website.

And that is literally everything you ever needed to know. Ever.

“Away From You” was released on November 9. (iTunes)

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