Well, I guess Britney forum exclusives are the new black!

Check out a brand new 40-second clip of “The Big Fat Bass,” the upcoming Femme Fatale track produced by Will.I.Am.

“It’s getting big-gah, the bass is getting big-gah!” Sillyney announces on top of the song’s swollen, throbbing beat. God, she’s (just begun) having some fun with her vocals again with this era!

While this isn’t my favorite track of the bunch, I believe it’s safe to conclude that “The Big Fat Bass” does not sound like the soul-sucking robot waste that is “Check It Out,” so I’m generally pleased.

It’s danceable, the beat is catchy and the Auto-Tune usage isn’t entirely offensive…I approve thus far!

I’m also getting some “Give It 2 Me” vibes from Madonna‘s Hard Candy with this track for some reason. Anyone else?