Genre: Pop, R&B
For fans of: Leona Lewis, Sugababes, Jordin Sparks

Ladies and ladyboys, meet singer-songwriter Carrie Mac.

Having just come off tour opening for X Factor winner Alexandra Burke, the multi-talented UK songstress (she plays violin, guitar and piano…plus the ocarina to boot!) is now gearing up to begin her official debut.

On April 18, Miss Mac will take a crack (too fun, too fun) at tearing up the charts with her debut single, “Till I See You Again.”

The song, a piano ‘n’ strings pop number, is chock full of radio-friendly appeal, playing somewhere in between the ranks of a modern R&B-tinged mid-tempo (Keri Hilson‘s “Energy”) and the power pop balladry of yesteryear (I’m hearing a touch of Celine Dion‘s “Power of Love” in the chorus).

Given her track record thus far, it certainly seems as though Mac could make a dent in the UK Singles Chart: Last year Mac released a gorgeous ballad called “Hello” for digital sale in Scotland (now available worldwide–watch her perform the song live) that managed to crack the Top 40 without any promotion.

“A few years ago I wasn’t ready for this. But now I feel I can deal with whatever is thrown at me now. It’s time for me to show people I can sing live, write my own songs and play my own instruments. This is a long overdue, here I am,” Mac says of her forthcoming debut.

With any luck, it’ll be worth the wait!

“Till I See You Again” will be released on April 18. (iTunes)