How ’bout a slice of disco to kick start your Monday morning?

After the release of his debut single “Die On The Dance Floor” in February, London-based artist Tyson returns with his second single: “Out Of My Mind.”

“Out Of My Mind” plays like its been scrapped up from the Studio 54 dance floor in 1978 and nursed back to health with a few new bangin’ beats (much like Scissor Sisters recent disco-era revitalization project, Night Work), resulting in an utterly infectious modern disco stomper.

“I wanted to make something horrible and very, very nasty, so when people heard it they would say ‘urgh’ but in a good way,” Tyson says of his new single.

Well, mission complete: This one had me moaning for all the right reasons.

“Out Of My Mind” was released on March 21. (iTunes)