And you thought you went hard on the weekend.

Check out the brand new video for Norwegian electro-pop princess Margaret Berger‘s latest single, “In A Box.” The clip follows a cross-dressing, hard partying gent going out for a night on the town with his bestest gal pals. That is, until things turn a bit…err, sapphic.

So what’s really going on? Who’s fooling who? I’ve got no clue, but I do know that I want to borrow those lashes, Berger.

While it’s not her strongest cut yet (for that, please see “Samantha” or “Robot Song”), “In A Box” is still a gorgeous Scandinavian synth-pop smash, reminiscent of some of the best 21st century heartbreak disco tracks Robyn‘s ever released.

“In A Box” was released in Norway on February 21. (iTunes Norway)