Clinton Sparks, JoJo & and DJ Eye.

Merry Friday, Muusers!

Radio DJ/producer Clinton Sparks has teamed up with drunk-pop purveyors LMFAO and the baddest chick in the game (JoJo) for an almighty new club anthem: “Sucks To Be You.”

While the bass-blasting beat isn’t all that different from your standard fist-pumping club affair a la Taio Cruz, Usher or Enrique Iglesias, “Sucks to Be You” benefits from a few extra cutting lyrics–including a wonderfully cathartic chorus (“I bet it sucks to be YOU!”)–that ought to have middle fingers hoisted in the air at every club across the nation this summer.

And while the mere inclusion of JoJo already makes “Sucks To Be You” an instant smash, it’s her gloriously stinging verse that truly takes the song to the next level: “Boy, you’re shit out of luck / You’re gon’ be sleeping alone,” the 20-year-old songstress bitterly croons as the beat drops low. YOU DON’T. FUCK. WITH JOJO.

Don’t like it? Well then…I guess it sucks to be you.

“Sucks To Be You” is featured on Sparks’ latest mixtape (My Awesome Mixtape), which is now available for free at his official website.