After the release of her critically acclaimed Introduction EP back in 2010, UK singer-songwriter-drummer Florrie is back for another round.

The former Xenomania in-house band member–who first rose to prominence as a solo artist after giving away a handful of electro-pop gems produced by Fred Falke on her official website–returns on June 14 with the Experiments EP, a six-track collection of crunchy electro-pop tunes.

The Experiments EP finds Florrie flirting with an airy ’60’s French pop nostalgia mixed with cutting-edge pop penning and production by the likes of Fred Falke, MNEK and Mike Chapman. From the festive mariachi-electro horn flairs of “She Always Gets What She Wants” to the dreamy strings of the SomethingALaMode-produced “What You Doing This For?”, the entire mini-album meshes well with the carefully cribbed pop perfection of other acts imbued with the Xenomania essence, including Girls Aloud, Annie and Rachel Stevens, while still managing to carve out its own delightful identity.

“I Took A Little Something,” one of the collection’s brightest moments, is a neatly unearthed ’80’s synth-pop summertime smash, as Florrie’s light, dreamy vocals–marked by a Brian Higgins-esque (Xenomania) touch of smooth-spoken, hook-heavy lyrics–float above endless array of sparkling synthesizers.

While Florrie’s music may never enter into the realm of Top 40 pop–the production still feels too left-of-center for radio’s current pop taste buds (which even Florrie herself has said)–the Experiments EP should only further Florrie’s ever-expanding underground following with some of the most lush, listenable synth-pop you’ll encounter this year.

In keeping with Florrie’s incredibly thoughtful, transparent process regarding the release of her music, the UK singer-songwriter has put the entire Experimenting EP on YouTube–as well as on iTunes.

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The Experiments EP was released on June 14. (iTunes)