The gorgeous and talented Selena Gomezmerizing keeps the promo train rolling in support of her forthcoming studio album When The Sun Goes Down with the release of her next iTunes Countdown single: “Bang Bang Bang.”

Keeping it strictly ’80’s electro-pop (somewhat similar in sound to Ashlee Simpson‘s deeply under-appreciated “Boys”), Gomez taunts her triflin’ ex by recounting all the ways her new man is just, like, so much better: “My new boy knows the way I want it / He’s got more swagga than you,” she knowingly taunts. My, my!

All stanning aside, “Bang Bang Bang” is truly a fun electro-pop kiss-off track–and if you can forget that the “new boy” is actually “Justin Bieber,” the song suddenly becomes way, WAY less creepy!


“Bang Bang Bang” was released on June 7. (iTunes)