Swedish Pop Cutie Eric Saade Gets Your “Hearts In The Air” with J-Son

Wutchu know about Eric Saade?

Saade is the adorkable Swede who represented his home country in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, placing 3rd overall (Sweden’s highest placing since ’99!) with the gleefully campy synth-pop fest, “Popular”.

Now, the “Manboy” (don’t ask, just click) is back for more with “Hearts In The Air (feat. J-Son).”

The single–which just smashed into the Sweden charts at #2 two weeks ago–is Saade’s first from his second studio album, Saade Vol. 1, which was just released yesterday.

“Hearts In The Air” kind of sounds like everything Top 40 electro-R&B/pop right now, from Taio Cruz to fellow Swede Darin. It’s also a self-empowerment anthem (“Put your hearts in the air / You gotta love being you!”), which is kind of like everything that Top 40 is all about right now, from Katy Perry‘s “Firework” to Ke$ha‘s “We R Who We R.”

Still, there’s a distinctly Swedish, Kleerup-ian kind of electronica undercurrent within “Hearts In The Air” that makes Saade’s new single just a cut above the rest of the radio riffraff.

So don’t be a fool…put your hearts in the air!

“Hearts In The Air (feat. J-Son)” was released on June 3. (iTunes Sweden)