Daily B: Win A Copy of Britney’s ‘Blackout’ In Honor of Blackout Purchase Week! (Album Giveaway)

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In late October of 2007, Britney released Blackout, her fifth studio album–a record largely considered to be one of her best albums to date (if not the best.)

After a last-minute switch-a-roo in Billboard’s chart rule that same week which allowed for albums sold exclusively by one retailer to be considered eligible for the charts, Blackout went on to debut at #2, stalling underneath The Eagles‘ massively successful Walmart-only record, Long Road Out Of Eden.

Much to the chagrin of every Britney fan EVER, Blackout is the singer’s only album that would not debut at #1–which she has since gone on to reclaim with her sixth and seventh studio albums, Circus and Femme Fatale. It’s also failed to achieve Platinum RIAA-certified status (over 1 million albums sold)–again, her only album that has yet to do so.

A few months ago, some of Britney’s biggest fans (as well as Britney.com’s webmaster, BRITannica!) banded together to brand this week–July 26 through July 31–as “BLACKOUT Purchase Week”: An attempt to get one of Britney’s best albums to #1 on the Billboard album charts and secure its long overdue Platinum certification.

From the official event page:

BLACKOUT is Britney Spears’ only studio album that has not reached Platinum status in the United States. At 988,000 units sold, we’re only 12,000 away from being certified Platinum! Some consider BLACKOUT to be one of Britney’s best albums to date, spawning hits such as “Gimme More,” “Piece of Me,” “Break The Ice” and fan favorite, “Get Naked (I Got A Plan)”. Purchase BLACKOUT the week of July 26-July 31 and let’s get this gem of an album certified Platinum! xx♥ Britney.com blogger BRITannica

Now, some real talk: While it would be Heaven on Earth to see Godney on top of the charts next week, I know there’s no actual way Blackout could ever climb to #1 this week. It’s just not something that can happen! And while I’ve heard that it’s quite possible that the album will indeed surpass the million mark required for certification according to SoundScan sales, the process isn’t an automatic one: The award has to be requested, verified, and purchased.

All that being said: Why Should I Be Sad? Let’s just Break The Ice and have a little FUN! You never know what can happen…

Besides, I see nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate Blackout: As one of my favorite records of all time, the album remains a crowning achievement for The Holy Spearit–and I would only be too happy to help celebrate. How? I Got A Plan!

MuuMuse is proud to be giving away two copies of Blackout, courtesy of Jive Records!

To win one of the two CDs, I want YOU to get creative and send me your Blackout-inspired creations at [email protected] with the subject line “GIMME MOAH.”

It could be anything: Did you film your own version of “Gimme More” in your kitchen wearing your grandma’s old wig? Do you have a legendary “Piece Of Me”-inspired paparazzi photo collage hanging up on your wall? A drawing from Brit Brit’s flawless Blackout photo shoot? Or perhaps you’ve got an acapella version of “Toy Soldier” or a sick dance routine to “Perfect Lover” kicking around on that old YouTube account you ‘accidentally’ forgot to delete.

Whatever the case may be, I want to see/hear/feel/taste/smell it! (Okay, maybe not the last two…unless it’s Cheetos & Vanilla candle-scented!)

The second CD will be given away via Twitter. To enter, follow and tweet me at @MuuMuse with the following phrase:

“I want to #BLACKOUT with @MuuMuse! #BlackoutMuu”

The two winners will be selected and notified on Tuesday, August 2.

So go on and gimme a Freakshow! I can’t wait to see what you put on my Radar. (Blackout version, not Circus. Duh.)

Blackout was released in October of 2007. (iTunes)

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