Mohombi’s New Single “Maraca”: Derivative, Yet Also Basically Amazing

Mohombi, just in case you weren’t already aware, is the Swedish-Congolese Cherrytree artist responsible for “Bumpy Ride,” the 2010 smash (which is basically just a cover of Kevin Lyttle‘s “Turn Me On”) that hit Top 10 in, like, every country except America.

After churning out his debut record MoveMeant in February of this year (as well as a few international singles, including “Coconut Tree (feat. Nicole Scherzingimfromhawaiier),” which will be played during the processional at my wedding), the singer is already working toward a follow-up, beginning with the release of his brand new single tomorrow (September 2): “Maraca.”

The thing about “Maraca” is that it’s literally just Jennifer Lopez‘s “Papi” with male vocals. But the thing about Jennifer Lopez’s “Papi” is that it’s AMAZING, which means “Maraca” is, at the very least, secondhand amazing.

In fact, that’s exactly what “Maraca” is: Secondhand amazing. Because there’s nothing at all unique about “Maraca”–it’s got the classic RedOne repeat-peat-peat-peat-’til-your-ears-bleed chorus and a spicy ~Latin-tinged~ boom boom beat–but that formula, however derivative, is still essentially amazing.

“Maraca” is that song you’ll grow to hate immediately after the first time you hear it in da club. It’s also that song you’ll reference while discussing ‘the death of music’ with friends. But right now? Right now, it’s fucking AMAZING (sort of, anyway).

Now, let us watch a rather sweaty, sexy Mohombi performing his brand new single in front of a bunch of drunk and/or willing ladies.


Did you catch it? That was Mohombi turning around, lifting up his shirt a bit and shaking his ass/arse to the beat like a ’90’s rap video girl, all while wearing a sparkly belt. YES, MUUSERS: THIS IS REAL LIFE.

In conclusion: Mohombi could get it.

“Maraca” will be released on September 2. (iTunes)

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