Hi! You–yes, you. Sorry. Excuse me. I’m going to need to interrupt your non-stop Stronger listening session for just a moment. I KNOW. My apologies! There’s good reason.

Last night, our goddess Kelly Clarkson graced the stage of Dancing With The Stars to perform two songs: Her current single “Mr. Know It All” and Breakaway‘s “Walk Away.” No, I didn’t realize it was happening either!

First of all: The bangs. THE BANGS! Just gorgeous! I love me some Kelly with bangs. She looks so, so beautiful!

And as for those performances? Like the song itself, Clarkson’s “Mr. Know It All” remained calm and collected, although you could tell she was just itching to belt out a number. And oh, how she let loose on “Walk Away”! Those final few seconds..the howls! Those notes! Chills. She’s everything. Just. Everything.

I mean, honestly (Stronger reference!), is there anything that needs to be said about a live Kelly Clarkson performance? Spot on. Flawless. What else is new? She commands one of the greatest voices in pop music today. Apart from the untouchable divas–Celine, Mariah and Whitney–I do Clarkson’s got the best voice in the business.

Okay, we’re good. You can go back to Stronger now.

PS: If you are indeed one of the early birds that happened to take a listen to the album this week, please remember to support our girl when the album drops on October 24.

Stronger will be released on October 24. (iTunes)