Nope, this ain’t Princess RiRi‘s new single: “Fuck With You” is the newly surfaced collaboration between French House DJ Bob Sinclar and UK disco chanteuse Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

While I’d never expected to hear the straitlaced dance floor diva getting as frisky as she does on top of Sinclar’s funky guitar strums and pulsing disco beats (“Take me on a trip around the moon/I want to fuck with you,” she dreamily croons across the chorus), it mostly works–even though there’s something a bit off about hearing the icy-voiced “Murder On The Dancefloor” chanteuse lovingly singing “fuck” on repeat. It just feels…I don’t know. Wrong.

Prim and proper pop star gone potty mouth aside, the true drawback of this production? An entirely unnecessary rap two-thirds into the song: “I’mma fuck you then fuck your friend,” the mystery man offers. A kind gesture, but…well, you’re making things even more awkward for everyone. It’s just too much. IS JUST TOO MACH!!!

According to the video’s description (and my dicey Google Translate skills), “Fuck With You” is the lead single from Sinclar’s upcoming album Disco Crash, due out in January of 2012.

Disco Crash will be released in January of 2012. (iTunes)