Flaw-Free Nicola Roberts to Release Flaw-Free “Yo-Yo” as Third Single from Cinderella’s Eyes

Team Ginge–rejoice!

UK Pop Princess Nicola Roberts will return on January 2 with “Yo-Yo,” the third single from her debut record, Cinderella’s Eyes–and easily one of the best tracks off the album. (Read the MuuMuse review now!)

From the official press release:

The single was written by Nicola with Dimitri Tikovoi. ‘Yo-Yo’ marries classic pop lyrics (“don’t want to be the last to know, will it be a yes or a no?”) to a post-Dalston Ronettes vibe and a pulsing, demented electro breakdown.

“The song is about being in that position with a guy when you really don’t know whether you’re coming or going,” explains Nicola. “Being in that position can make you really vulnerable. It’s the dark, desperate and doubtful side of love.”

Fabulous news! With its gorgeous melodies and that oh-so-lush icy disco middle eight (“And I can’t let go-o-o!”), “Yo-Yo” is one Roberts’ finest solo moments yet. Let’s hope for big chart numbers to follow!

And now, let us all enjoy Nicola’s completely flaw-free performance of the song for MSN UK. Truly stunning!

Cinderella’s Eyes was released on September 23. (iTunes UK)

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