Just can’t beat the feeling of a new Kylie album on the way!

Yesterday, the fierce ‘n’ flawless disco diva took part in EMI’s New Music Sessions, a special showcase for her label held at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London, where she performed “On A Night Like This” and “All The Lovers” with a 22-piece (!) orchestra. God, I wish I was there!

Along with the performance, Mizz Minogue revealed the reason behind all those mysterious tweets and TwitPics over the past few weeks: She’s recorded a new record! Well, not entirely new.

The upcoming collection will celebrate Minogue’s 25 years in the music industry, beginning with the release of her first iconic hit, “Locomotion.”

From Metro:

I’ve been at Abbey Road for about two weeks in total,’ she said.

‘Not just for this, I’ve been working on a project for next year. Next year’s my 25th anniversary so we’ve been recording acoustic and orchestral versions of a number of my hits.

But this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this news: During an acoustic performance for BBC’s Radio 2 back in 2010, Minogue revealed that she was planning to craft an acoustic/orchestral album. Looks like the job’s now done!

Still no word on when the new album’s being released. For a taste of what’s to come, let’s watch Kylie’s orchestral performance of “Confide In Me” from the 2010 Radio 2 show. Stunning!