She’s already been a “Silly Girl” and woofed around with a “Bad Dog”. Now, the fiery UK gypsy-pop princess Neon Hitch has been “Poisoned With Love”!

Hitch’s brand new Greg Kurstin (Sia, Lily Allen)-produced jam, featured on this month’s NOW 40, is a gorgeous, dazzling and ever-so-slightly twisted mid-tempo–sort of like taking a lil’ trip on a demented carousel ride.

Kicking off with a twinkling electronic effect (reminiscent of Zelda’s Lullaby from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, just in case you were wondering why I’m still single), the song quickly gives way to an ever-so-creepy organ, as Neon dives dizzyingly deeper into her own delusions: “You say that I need help, and I do/Do-o-o-o!” Neon half-yodels, half-croons above the waltzing beat.

“Oh, I’m poisoned with love/But I can’t get enough/So I keep walking on broken glass for you,” Hitch wildly yelps during the song’s magnificent, whirling chorus. Yo Neon: Y U SO CRAZY THO?

A Disney-approved fairytale romance? Err, no. Not quite. Step off, Snow White–Neon Hitch is here.

Neon Hitch – Poisoned With Love by NeonHitch

“Poisoned With Love” was released on November 8. (iTunes)