After teasing tracks like “Momma’s Place” and “Demon Lover” over the past few years since her immaculate 2007 record Overpowered, Irish Queen of Disco Róisín Murphy has just unleashed a brand new track that’s bound to bowl you (and bend you?) over: “Simulation,” a jaw-dropping 9-minute monster of groans, moans and aural pleasure.

According to my Murphy-minded friends over at Hard Candy Music, the track was crafted by an unrevealed producer from Northern England. And right now, the mystery is only adding to the song’s sexy intrigue!

Kicking off with a little cooing on top of a dirty bass line, the Irish Queen of Disco keeps her cool for the first few minutes: “This is a simulation,” she announces as the vintage disco sheen slowly envelops the speakers. But as the beat swells and the pulsations grow stronger, Murphy only gets more hot and bothered: “If it’s all on my face, it’s all in my mind/You don’t get to be unkind,” she croons.

And then, as the pressure builds to an all time high, Murphy launches into a final euphoric minute of moans and groans and coos, breathing deeper and faster and harder until–I’m sorry. I need to excuse myself.

Phew. “Simulation” isn’t just an instant disco classic–it’s the musical equivalent of foreplay…and I’m stimulated!

Now someone make a mega mash-up of this with Janet‘s “Throb” and Britney‘s “Breathe On Me” STAT!

A big thank you to my friends over at Hard Candy Music for the incredible find!