Nadia Ali Teams Up with Starkillers to “Keep It Coming”

Nadia Ali is a flaw-free disco diva. Like, almost offensively so. Offensively? Yes, let’s go with that. But she’s not just an offensively flaw-free disco diva–she’s also quite prolific.

It seems that every other week, Mizz Ali’s unleashing yet another smash to the delight of the dance community: From her latest solo single “When It Rains”, to her slammin’ collaboration with Starkillers & Alex Kenji, “Pressure”, to her latest Billboard Dance smash with Sultan & Ned Shepard, “Call My Name.”

To no one’s surprise then, Nadia’s already provided a brand new track to play with in 2012: The (rather fittingly titled) “Keep It Coming.”

Once again teaming up with Starkillers (the same man behind one of my favorite modern dance cuts, “Discoteka”), Ali’s coming locked and loaded with a massive booming bass and plenty of squealing synthesizers and bubbly beats for a full-on dance floor assault. “This is all I’ve wanted, yet I keep on running/So why am I running?/This is more than I have ever known, so just keep it coming,” the singer melodically cries out before Starkillers revs up for a major blast of House beats. It’s a surrious scorcher!

Don’t worry, Nadia–you can keep it coming forever. I’ll never get tired of those gorgeous, hypnotic vocals!

“Keep It Coming” was released on December 26. (Beatport)

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