Godrina and the Godmonds.

Over the past few weeks, Marina And The Diamonds has been busy gallivanting ’round the country being a Primadonna, spreading Lies and exercising her complete Power & Control on tour in support of her new record, Electra Heart. Last night, however, the chanteuse took a slight breather to perform a very special acoustic set on the faux-grassy rooftop of the Mondrian SoHo, which I had the extreme pleasure (read: plez-yore) of attending.

At around 8, Miss Marina casually strolled out in a crop top and long skirt toward a corner of the rooftop, looking like a Homewrecking Su-Barbie-A Goddess, to perform a few tracks. Luckily, I was able to snag a spot at the front alongside the photographers (it’s hard out here for a 5’4″ boy) to film the entire performance by the stunning songstress. And nay, not a single flaw was found.

After a brief spoken introduction to the rather stone-cold audience (industry types–the worst!), Marina launched directly into “Starring Role,” the first of five songs of the night. It was an unbelievably intimate performance, given that she was standing, oh…about 2 feet away or so. Marina’s vocals were spot-on throughout the night, her voice gorgeously carrying above the wind (and occasional helicopter) whistling by.

I was absolutely living (dead) for the drama Marina was serving the entire night as well: So much eye contact! So much handography! So many smirks and winks! She was charming the heart right off my cheek.

Later on, I ran into Marina after her set (about 17 times, actually), who happens to be the sweetest, hottest and most charming girl EVAH. She gave me a big hug (I’m still overcome, quite frankly) and said some very nice things about MuuMuse–thank you, Marina!–and I graciously resisted the urge to turn into a blubbering mess. I can now die happy, although I did forget to bow down and thank her profusely for her undying love for Godney. Next time, I’m sure.

Forever your diamond.

So without further ado, please enjoy Marina’s performances of “Starring Role,” “Primadonna,” “Lies” and “Teen Idle” below! She also performed “How To Be A Heartbreaker” at the very end, but apparently I didn’t hit record and now I hate my entire fucking life/am going to go eat my feelings now. Don’t worry: I’m gonna puke it anyway.

Electra Heart was released on July 10 in the US. (iTunes)