Tegan & Sara Get Synth-y on New Single, “Closer”

Tegan & Sara aren’t exactly strangers to the dance-y side of the music scene.

Despite their indie-folk-alt-rock-y roots, the girls been featured on killer cuts with some of EDM’s most beloved names over the past few years, including the off-the-charts brilliant “Feel It In My Bones” with Tiesto, “Body Work” with Morgan Page, and most recently, “Every Chance We Get We Run” with David Guetta.

This time around however, the Canadian indie-pop duo are bringing the beats to their own work, beginning with “Closer,” the lead single from their forthcoming 7th studio album.

As opposed to their last two studio albums, which were crafted alongside Death Cab For Cutie‘s Christopher Walla, the ever-amazing sister act enlisted pop aficionado Greg Kurstin to produce several songs for their upcoming album.

“Closer” is one of the Kurstin-helmed tracks, and from that hazy blast of synthesizers in the song’s very first few seconds, it’s clear that Tegan & Sara are diving into new, electro-tinged territory.

The duo’s hook-heavy collaboration bounces along merrily atop propulsive ’80’s-esque synthesizers and bubbly, Kurstin-esque electronica while the girls get all giddy about that whole getting-to-know-you stage: “So let’s make things physical/I won’t treat you like you’re oh so typical,” they pledge during the song’s chorus, which brings Dragonette to mind.

The song’s bridge is especially lush, as the pulsing synthesizers die down and allow dreamier beats to swell into the speakers: “Here come the dreams of you and me,” the girls croon. Simply gorgeous.

You see, the great thing about Tegan & Sara is that–well over a decade since their debut–the girls have consistently stayed true to their style, applying their sharp, evocative lyricism and knack for penning supreme pop hooks to whatever genre comes their way. And the great thing about Greg Kurstin is that, no matter who he works with, the end result is always a slice of pop perfection.

And so, we have “Closer”: The very best of both worlds.

“Closer” will be released on September 25. (iTunes)

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