New UK Girl Group Fanfair Release Debut Single, “Mission”

Meet Fanfair, an up-and-coming UK girl group. Sold yet? Thought so.

The troupe is made up of Roberta, Jessica and Aimee of Clea fame (!), otherwise known as the Girls Who Did Not Become Aloud from Popstars: The Rivals back in 2002 (which, let’s be quite honest, is mostly the reason I’m paying attention.)

After opening for The Wanted on tour earlier this year, the group (which used to be a foursome, but let’s pretend that never happened) has finally launched their debut single earlier this month in the UK: “Mission,” which was co-penned alongside Jay Reynolds (Pixie Lott, Paloma Faith).

The song is a breezy, unassuming slice of melodic pop, much more in the vein of the Sugababes than that of the Aloud. “You didn’t listen, now your heart’s on a mission!” the girls harmonize above shimmering synthesizers and a propulsive guitar strum. It’s no “Download It,” but it’s nice.

The track is currently being used in the Collection Cosmetics advertisement during Sky Living’s Show Me Your Wardrobe, which is a fine endorsement or whatever, but it would be a whole lot more exciting if it were used during Lauren Conrad‘s Crafty Creations instead. Wouldn’t the song pair well with a fun cheese grater earring stand?

In addition to “Mission,” the girls have also been cutting tracks in Copenhagen with Cutfather (Kylie Minogue, The Saturdays) this year, which ought to lead to some even more promising pop results.

The video for “Mission” is below, which probably could have benefited from an extra $20 or so thrown into the budget. But, well…you know. THE STATE OF THE MUSIC INDUSTRY TODAY.

“Mission” was released on October 8. (iTunes)

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