Girls Aloud Make Live Comeback on ‘Children in Need’ and ‘Strictly Come Dancing’

We’ve heard the song, we’ve seen the video–and now, it’s time for their grand return to the stage.

This weekend, the Almighty Aloud regrouped to kick off their live TV comeback, beginning on Friday with Children In Need, where the girls performed both “Something New” and “Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me,” their dodgy, Nadine-less new ballad.

In true Aloud fashion, the debut performance of “Something New” was as insane as it was fabulous, including an iconic video countdown, Cheryl slipping within the first 10 seconds of strutting onto the stage, Nicola stealing the show with her tender warbling, Sarah briefly snapping out of whatever bender she was just on for the past 36 hours enough to stay present for a wicked delivery of “Take a walk on the willlld sideeee of life!”, Kimberley simply looking happy to be there, and Nadine–of course–serving up homicidal diva eyes while anchoring this hot mess of pure pop brilliance with her powerhouse pipes.

The girls then returned to the stage to perform their new ballad, “Beautiful ‘Cause You Love Me,” which is arguably the least Aloud-sounding song the Aloud have ever recorded. Ever. Mercifully, they still nailed the performance: Cheryl served “The Flood” realness while clinging onto each note for dear life, while Kimberley and Sarah both sounded quite lovely. But it was Nicola who so obviously stole the show, belting out that chorus effortlessly. Team Ginge 4 Lyfe! And my poor, sweet Nuhdeen: Being reduced to backing vocals…on a ballad, no less?! It’s a SIN.

Then, the girls took to Strictly Come Dancing this evening (where Kimba’s currently competing!) to perform “Something New” once again–this time with a bigger stage and better production–making for an all-around better performance.

The girls opted to go down the “Promise” route and break out the sparkly silver mini-dresses for the evening, which sort of looked like broken disco balls (RAHYT up may street, pet!) Amazing moments included, but were not limited to: No one slipping, the Sarah-Kimba hi-five at the very beginning, Queen Nadine’s “AY LAHYK IT LAHYK THAYT!” legendary hair flip (YAS, NUHDZ!!!), the background dancers wearing the orange mini-dresses, and Sarah’s killer “Follow the leader!” yelp at the very end.

Most importantly, “Something New” is finally out on iTunes in the UK! To celebrate, the flawless fivesome revealed an equally flaw-free new promo photo (above), in which the ladies hold signs of varying sizes that may or may not represent their overall importance in the band. It’s obviously all about Kimba’s pants. Also, Sarah’s vagina is apparently named “Nicola.”

Go girls, go go go-go-go!

“Something New” was released on November 18. (iTunes UK)

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