#PhuckYoDiamonds Navy Commander Rihanna better watch her Illuminati High Priestess reign, ’cause Queen Ke$ha‘s (that’s now and forever pronounced Kee-sha, by the way) coming for wigs–and the New World Order, obviously.

It’s been two whole months since K$ first debuted “Die Young,” the lead single from her upcoming sophomore album Warrior (and a track that’s quickly grown on me, to the point where it’s yet another Klassic in the K$ Kanon.)

And finally, the video has arrived.

Triangles, hand gestures, the All-Seeing Eye of Godney (that’s what it’s called, right?): All the symbols of the Illuminati are on display during the dumpster-pop princess’ new clip, in which she merrily desecrates some abandoned hideaway spot south of the border with a group of gang-banging buddies in tow–and Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet, of course!

She looks schmokin’ hot throughout, what with all the godless orgies and all–very “Slave 4 U” meets Lucifer–and she even serves us some mild handography along the way. Props for summoning up the strength to stand upright, K$! All in all, it’s some good ol’, devil worshippin’ fun. (Seriously though, she looks great!)

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: This is Obama’s America. GARGOYLES!!!1!!!11!

“Die Young” was released on September 25. (iTunes)