On Sally Shapiro’s ‘Somewhere Else’…


Guess what? The new Sally Shapiro record, Somewhere Else, is very good!

In case you’re under the impression that Sally Shapiro is content three albums deep into her career, she’s not.

“The title describes the recurrent theme in the music and my life, to somehow never be satisfied with what you have, or where you are — to always wish you were somewhere else,” Shapiro explained of the title of her new record in the official blurb about the release.

It’s not all that surprising to hear from the shy singer, who notoriously doesn’t like to perform live – or even appear on stage at all. In fact, “Sally Shapiro” is just a pseudonym for the mystery chanteuse’s work with producer Johan Agebjörn. Together, they’ve been quietly crafting transportive soundtracks made for sun-soaked daydreaming and contemplative late night drives since the latter half of the 00′s, beginning with 2007′s acclaimed Disco Romance.

With their latest outing, Somewhere Else (out yesterday, February 26), the dream-pop duo have crafted yet another set of entrancing disco-tinged tunes — a follow-up to their 2009 record, My Guilty Pleasure.

Check out my full review on Idolator.

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