Win A Copy of Kerli’s ‘Utopia’ EP! (Giveaway)


Moonchildren, the time is now: Let us join hands, invoke the spirits, frolick with faeries and celebrate the release of Queen Kerli‘s Utopia!

I’ve been a devoted Kerli Fry for some time now, ever since the release of her half-charming, half-terrying Love Is Dead in 2008. But the love truly intensified when I saw the Estonian pop princess raving her way through the opening of The Saturdays‘ US showcase a few months ago, followed by a hearts-and-rainbows dance explosion at XL Lounge later that night. (Also, she co-wrote Demi‘s “Skyscraper.” I mean…hello!)

This week, Kerlegend releases Utopia in the US, a 6-track sweat-inducing set features the dizzyingly rave-y “Can’t Control The Kids” and “The Lucky Ones,” which managed to hit #1 on the US Billboard Dance charts not too long ago. The EP also includes her heart-wrenching piano ballad “Love Me Or Leave Me,” as well as her sweetly-sung devotional “Sugar.”

It’s all about living in the now, lifting up your hearts and stomping it out in 12-inch platform glittery space cadet shoes and rainbow extensions. She’s sort of like Ke$ha, sans vomit or fashionable Illuminati references.

And so, to celebrate the release…


MuuMuse is giving away 3 copies of the Utopia EP.

To enter to win, simply comment on this post telling me why you love Kerli.

Did you travel miles and miles to see Kerli performing somewhere random, like Neptune? Do you have a Kerli-inspired tattoo? Have you sponsored an endangered animal and named it after Kerli? Let me know why you deserve to be the lucky one!

Three winners will be selected and notified on March 26. US entrants only, please. Good luck!

The Utopia EP was released on March 19. (iTunes)

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