The Saturdays Are Popping Out A New Single…And Another Baby

The Saturdays

It’s The Saturdays! Or, more accurately, The Preggerdays.

The UK girl group has had plenty to celebrate in the first half of 2013 so far, including the premiere of their US E! special Chasing The Saturdays and their first-ever UK #1 with “What About Us.”

Now, they’ve got yet another bouncing bundle of joy to add to the mix, because Frankie Sandford is pregnant.


Congrats, Frankie!

If you’re doing the SatsMath, this means 40% of the members of The Saturdays are currently pregnant (not counting the fact that Una had a baby already earlier last year), hereby making them the Most Fertile Girl Group of the 21st Century. I’m not the one who makes the decisions, but if I were, I’d suggest we round up the E! camera crew and begin shooting for Nursing the Preggerdays immediately.

Between babies, The Sats are also popping out tunes. And next week, they’re premiering a new single called “Gentleman.” Get ready, get set!

You can listen to 15 second preview of the song which, so far, sounds completely different from anything they’ve ever done before—including some rather saucy lyrics: “Some dudes just hit it and quit it, then they wonder why most girls just spit it.” WHOA. The Swallowdays, they are not.

The timing is interesting too, given that Psy is currently pushing his own song called “Gentleman.” However, that crisis can be easily averted by throwing an asinine dance move and a random K-Pop princess into the video. (Some stunt doubles may be needed for the more pregnant members.)

Finally, here’s a blurry tease of their new cover art, which will inevitably be revealed in a slow and dramatic fashion.

The Saturdays

Mollie looks stunning.

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