Daily B: Hipsterney Releases “Ooh La La” On Vinyl


Smurf, put your record on.

In between recording for Album 8 (Blackout 2.0: It Gets Urbaner And Also More Spearitual, We’re Just Having Lots Of Lunches Right Now), it’s all “Ooh La La,” all the time in Godney‘s world. After swapping out the cover art on iTunes with a new still from the accompanying video (which is coming soon!), B’s team has just launched some brand new “Ooh La La” promo item over at Britney.com.

Right now, you can pre-order a limited edition Smurf blue 7″ vinyl of “Ooh La La” for all your smurfing pleasure. That’s right — 7″ of Smurfney! (Well, and the legendary G.R.L.‘s “Vacation”.) The record can be played on a record player, but sounds best when played on a Smurfogram.

This is a great way to do some promo: When you’re up in the club, hop up onto the DJ booth, toss the vinyl in and yell “HEY DJ, TURN THIS SHIT UP!” Or, hit the local vinyl shop with a spare copy of “Ooh La La” (assuming that you’re pre-ordering in bulk) and slip it in front of some irrelevant indie band’s display, like Vampire Weekend or whatever. Pretty soon, all the boys and all of the girls will be begging to If U Seek “Ooh La La” on vinyl.

But really, what’s next? “Ooh La La” Christmas-scented potpourri? Twister Smurf? Smurf Fantasy? Actually, all of these things seem quite probable.

Meanwhile, Blackout remains hopelessly stranded in digital form, never once being pressed onto wax. Fix it, Larry!


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