MKS — Mutya Keisha Siobhan, the Origibabes, Sugababes 1.0, et al — recently put out their comeback single (and one of the best pop singles of the year), “Flatline.”

While the group continues to slowly chug away toward their eventual (re)debut album, the girls spoke to V Magazine about their beginning as the ‘babes, reuniting as a band and the sound of their return — plus a brand new photoshoot.

(See that gorgeous photo above? Work.)

This particular moment of Suga-sisterhood is my favorite:

When asked what fans can expect from the currently unnamed album, Keisha explains, “It’s an emotive, vocal record. There are different genres and different tempos. I feel like we can take on any kind of music, but we’ve just got to do it in our own way.” “And we have a good idea of what works for us,” Siobhan shares. Mutya concludes: “We’re a proper team now.”

Not only that, but the girls just premiered the first remix of “Flatline” yesterday. Though the song doesn’t necessarily scream “REMIX ME!”, the Klaxons dub-y reinterpretation of the track is suitably left-of-center and well-crafted, tearing the track apart a dozen different ways and smoothing it across low bass beats and distinctly early ’90’s House sound.

Remember, baby…

“Flatline” will be released on September 1. (iTunes)