madonna billboard

So, um. Okay. Earlier this morning, a massive billboard featuring Madonna popped up out of nowhere in Tokyo.

2014.02.12 to be unveiled.

At first, you might say: “Eh, looks fake.”

Nope. It’s really up there.

And then you might say: “Eh, but the website doesn’t even work.”


And you’re right — it doesn’t. But a cached version of the site does exist, and it leads to Japanese web hosting site Onamae, where the site was registered on August 8.

#SecretProject? More than likely, yes. But what does it all mean?

Is it a provocative, political photobook collaboration with Steven Klein? Something to do with that alleged RiRi-gone-Material Girl photo? Is it the world’s most involved advertisement for her boy toy’s clothing line? Or is it something involving…music? (Please God let it be music.)

To borrow from Cher