While Katy Perry‘s come roaring (DO YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) to the top of the Billboard charts this week with her massive comeback single “Roar,” she’s already looking ahead to the future.

Teaming up with Pepsi (“I like to sell out in all the best ways,” she once said), the Former Teenage Dream pussycat-turned-lioness is now asking her devoted KatyCats to tweet #KATYNOW in order to unlock info, including lyrics and song snippets, for two of her upcoming Prism tracks: “Dark Horse” and “Walking On Air.”


According to Billboard, the songs will be put up for a public vote this Saturday, and the winner between the two will be announced following Miss Perry’s first live performance of “Roar” at the MTV VMA’s the very next day (Sunday, August 25.) That song will then be released on…September 17, otherwise known as Britney Countdown Day. (HOLD DOWN YOUR WEAPONS, GODNEY WARRIORS — THIS IS NO TIME FOR BATTLE.)

“Dark Horse” sure sounds like it’ll touch on the deliciously morbid themes promised from her visuals. “Walking On Air” could be dark too — assuming it’s a cover of Estonian Gothic Space-Pop Queen Kerli‘s classic of the same name.

In either case, there’s plenty of Prism heading our way real quick — like a golden 18-wheeler.

“Roar” will be released on August 12. (iTunes)