The video for one of the best pop songs of 2013 has just arrived.

We already knew Zendaya had moves after placing second on Dancing With The Stars earlier this year (all while being the youngest contestant in the history of the competition — just saying!) Now, in the newly premiered clip for the soon to be 17-year-old’s “Replay” — her Cassie-meets-Aaliyah electro-R&B slow-burner of a debut single — she’s really busting loose.

Princess Z channels Cassie’s iconic “Me & U” with a private dance studio session in her brand new clip, chock full o’ fresh pop and lock moves, ferocious stares and intricate interpretive dance. (That “Call me, Beep Me” hand-to-back foot slide? Genius! I’m already practicing.) She looks great, the energy is perfect, the ponytail grabs are on point — finally, a Disney girl from the new generation that really knows how to move. She’s got swag…#ZSwag, in fact.

The best thing about Zendaya (apart from the killer song and video, obviously) is that you can really tell she’s hungry to win. She wants it rill bad. And with this kind of solid delivery, she’s definitely going to get it.

So proud.

“Replay” was released on July 16. (iTunes)