Ugh, Charli XCX is too perfect.

Earlier this year, the 21-year-old LDN-based alt-pop goddess released her fuzz-pop debut True Romance, which remains one of my absolute favorite records of 2013. But she’s far from done with new music this year — in fact, she’s already got a follow-up record in the works, working for/with acts like Naughty Boy, Benny Blanco, Britney and StarGate.

“SuperLove” is the lead single from her forthcoming sophomore record, due out in 2014. And today, the “Nuclear Seasons” singer-songwriter dropped the song and video into our undeserving hands.

Not only is the clip a visual smörgåsbord of bright colors and flashing lights (which was shot in Japan alongside a local bike gang and giant robots, because obviously), but Charli looks ridiculously SuperHot. I’m, like, SuperSexuallyConfused.

And the song’s an absolute smash too!

Unlike the more murky goth-pop stuff of her debut, the song sees Charli strutting her sky-high Buffalo platforms in a jaunty new direction, speak-singing endlessly catchy hooks atop bright guitars and swirling electronica — almost like a futuristic upgrade to the tongue-tying breeziness of old-school Girls Aloud. As a result, “SuperLove” is arguably Charli’s most radio-friendly track to date since her feisty Icona Pop collabo, “I Love It.”

Lyrically though, it’s purely the stuff of signature Charli. “S-O-S, is it me or is this dangerous? Kill me with your touch / You’re soaking through my blood,” she merrily croons. Oh, my sweet bloody valentine!

What inspired the new direction? Well, here’s some official blurb as reference:

“SuperLove” takes inspiration from female-fronted bands from the 80’s such as The Waitresses, Bow Wow Wow, and the French Ye-Ye scene from the early 60’s—and sees her fronting girl power in true Charli fashion, allowing a taste of what’s to come from LP 2, which will be released in 2014.

“SuperLove is a song about running away and falling in love with someone and it being really dangerous and bad for you but still amazing, romantic and wonderful. SuperLove is the best drug and this song is about overdosing on it and falling in real deep”—Charli XCX

I’m SuperDrunk on this “SuperLove.” Please save slay me, Charli!

“SuperLove” will be released on December 1. (iTunes)