Having just served us her solid new single “You’re Not The One” (as well as the gorgeous The Hunger-referencing visual) last month, brooding beauty Sky Ferreira‘s got even more for us to sample from her upcoming forever delayed debut LP, Night Time, My Time.

Using the latest 3D visual technology (LOL, just kidding — she totally just hit play and recorded her wall for 15 seconds on Instagram), Sky’s teased two new tracks from the upcoming record: “Omanko” and “I Blame Myself.”

“Omanko” sounds like noise (the genre, but also actual noise), which has quite a following in Japan thanks to artists like Merzbow. “Omanko” is also Japanese for puh-say, so there you go. (Note: This may not actually be inspired by the Japanese noise genre. I am just guessing.)

“I Blame Myself” sounds really like a pleasant ’80’s-ish ditty, and the chorus is already very catchy: “Underneath it all, I know it’s all your fault.” (Note: This may not actually be the chorus, the chorus might not actually be catchy and the song might not actually be ’80’s-ish and pleasant. I am just guessing.)

UPDATE: But wait, she’s got more #Bangerz for you! And she found a marker this time.

“I Blame Myself,” the chorus. It still sounds good.

“Heavy Metal Heart,” which sounds heavy and hearty.

Title track “Night Time, My Time” — with no vocals. Yet. Or are there just no vocals? Let’s hope there are vocals.

And there you have it — your Sky thirst is now quenched for the day.


“You’re Not The One” was released on September 24. (iTunes)