Tove Lo’s “Not On Drugs” Is Surely The Best New Song You’ll Hear Today


Swedish songstress Tove Lo is one of the most exciting pop acts about to break out in the past year. Her debut single “Habits” is one of the best songs of 2013, and her debut EP Truth Serum is one of the most exciting releases of 2014 thus far.

That enough hyperbole for the moment? Excellent.

The truth (serum) of it all is that Tove Lo actually is quite excellent: Her drug-fueled, emotionally raw “Habits” is just as 50 Shades Of Too Real as it was nearly a year ago — as is her blistering follow-up, “Out Of Mind.”

Of all the new tracks on the upcoming EP due out on March 3, “Not On Drugs” is a personal favorite of mine — and it’s just been played for first time on Swedish radio today.

The shuffling slice of Scandi-pop is sort of like Margaret Berger meets Lykke Li meets One Direction‘s chunky guitar-pop sound, armed with a major arena-sized chorus: “Baby, don’t you see I’m not on drugs? I’m just in love!” Tove pleads, once again dabbling in the use of illegal substances to get her point across. (PopJustice recently did an in-depth interview with the Swedish superstar in the making, and she touched on all that drug talk.)

Those glorious whooshes of background melodies (“Hi-i-gh!“) are more than enough to inspire some serious hallucinations, so please, allow Tove Lo to get you high.

The ‘Truth Serum EP’ will be released on March 3. (iTunes)

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