After premiering their soaring, summer-ready debut single “Fall Into Love” at the very end of March, Wrathschild — the duo known individually as Simon Curtis and Ro “Wolfy” Danishei — has officially landed.

Wrathschild’s very first video has got everything, as Stefon would say: Arcades, platform boots, boomboxes, kite flying, pool tables, spray paint, beaches, astronauts, desert roses-turned-Tribal Spacemen — and all that’s in between. (Also, some truly spectacular, candy-colored lighting that looks like it’s set permanently on the “Lisa Frank” setting.)

What’s happening? Well, it’s your usual space alien-turned-pop star-galavanting-’round-town fare, obviously: The cosmic duo is running amok, living life and serving close-ups like a classic ’90’s pop clip (Brit Brit taught ’em).

And while Simon does a fine job rocking his hooded onesie (WITH SO VERY MUCH FLAIR), the most incredible part — as with any proper pop video — is Ro’s entirely immaculate reverse hair-flipping toward the end, which makes her luscious locks actually look like a hot pink cascading waterfall. Just gawgeous.

A certifiable summer anthem, for sure — I’m so incredibly proud of these two for making it happen.

“Fall Into Love” was released on March 31. (iTunes)