In what can only be described as a ruthless act of pop savagery, “International Smile” siren Katy Perry has been caught brutalizing Queen Of Everything and Bathroom Selfie Provocateur, Madonna.


The shocking scene — captured within the pages of V Magazine by fashion photographer and X-STaTIC PRO=CeSS collaborator Steven Klein — shows the Killer Queen blatantly attempting to snatch M-Dolla’s wig — which has been fastened tightly by a series of #1 singles, Kabbalah red strings and kale smoothies since 1983.


Here, Katy Perry has fallen asleep whilst listening to a bound M-Dolla try to explain the meaning of #secretprojectrevolution. In turn, Madonna has also fallen asleep while waiting for Katy Perry to win a Grammy.


At one point, the Prism princess even went so far as to knock the legendary Material Girl backwards; Madge’s Hard Candy Fitness-toned legs sprawled defiantly towards the Sky (Fits Heaven).

But you can’t keep a bad girl down. You see, Katy seems to have forgotten one thing…


…There’s only one Queen — and that’s Madonna, biiiiitch.

(Gorgeous shoot. Nice one, ladies!)