Brooke Hogan knows best — which is why she’s pioneering her digital comeback by rebooting her music career on SoundCloud.

The spawn of Hulk Hogan and star of 2012’s 2-Headed Shark Attack, responsible for gifting us with “About Us (feat. Paul Wall)” and The Redemption, which boasts the iconic album art above, as well as criminally un-charting jams like “Ruff Me Up (feat. Flo Rida),” “Strip,” “BeDDable” and “Hey Yo! (feat. Colby O’Donis),” is slowly but surely returning to the spotlight.

Last Tuesday, Mizz Hogan launched an official SoundCloud with a straightforward mission: “Releasing a beautiful mixture of never-released throwbacks, effervescent EDM, and kick a$$ country.” If only all our favorite pop divas were this giving.

Four days ago, Brooke dropped the first free track from The Hogan Vaults, which was recorded years ago in Miami: “To Love (feat. Brisco),” an urban electro jam recorded with Joshua Butler and Jason Pittman.

The cut is purely the stuff of mid-’00’s spacey R&B-pop, like a shelved early Cassie B-side: “You’re tearing up my heart/Breaking down my sugar walls/Tell me what you think about us,” Brooke begs,throwing in a REFERENCE to Britney‘s “Sugarfall” (sort of) and her own 2006 Top 40 smash. Brisco comes in to help date the track even further with his verses, including the line “I’ll settle for your MySpace and email address.” #Trendy!

While her planned “kick a$$ country” LP ain’t really my cup of sweet tea, I’m all here for dozens more of these throwback jamz. Don’t call it a redemption!