Wrathschild is back for more.

After falling into love tonight (WHOA-ah-oh!) on their debut single, the Los Angeles-based duo — Simon Curtis and Ro Danishei — have returned with their new single “Angeles,” a semi-somber, semi-optimistic love letter to their hometown. (Their very own “West Coast,” if you will.)

From their recent story in The Advocate:

“L.A. is both the city of dreams and the city of broken dreams,” says Curtis. “You could say the song is our diary, our experience. It’s an anthem dedicated to that feeling of loving and loathing Los Angeles.” Wolfy adds, “It’s a lot of observations we’ve made through just being here. It’s bittersweet, but it’s still really hopeful.”

The LA anthem sees the singers diverting away slightly from the more power pop sound of their debut, traveling across the mountains, hitting the gritty Hollywood streets and driving down the sun-kissed coast across tripping hi-hats, hand claps and atmospheric synths. And although the production is more chilled this time around, the song’s just as much of an earworm: “Take my soul, I want to let you!” the two gently plead across the soaring chorus, complimented by a gorgeous (“Ooo-oo-oo-oo!“) chant that brings Imogen Heap‘s vocal layering technique to mind.

And, as with “Fall Into Love,” the bridge sees the song gradually expand into a near-tribal chant: “This place and I, we have an affair/It’s beautiful and violent and full of despair,” the two declare across pounding drums.

It’s beautiful, a bit bitter and heartbroken all at once — the sound of big city life and chasing the dream.

“Angeles” was released on June 30. (iTunes)