It’s a fact, y’all: When Britney finds a joke she likes while in concert, she sticks with it. (“I might marry you…”)

As a result, it’s no surprise at all that The Legendary Miss Britney Spears was on one once again last night, poking fun at the fact that her ex-dude pulled a “Perfume” on her — and now all they had is broken like shattered glah-ee-ass (REFERENCE).

But this time around, she ain’t got no first date jitters: Queen B is straight up craving the D.

“Everybody knows that my boyfriend cheated on me. Boooooo! But the best thing about your boyfriend cheating on you…is that you get to have a one night stand! OHMYGOD A ONE NIGHT STAND!”


Personalityney remains back and better than ever. Now go on with that hook up, Miss Brit!