Madonna Has Apparently Recorded A Song Called “Inside Out”

The enduring impact of Femme Fatale.

Madonna, Queen Of Everything and tireless LGBT Kale Activist, has allegedly recorded a song for her upcoming MDNA follow-up called “Love You From Inside Out,” or “Inside Out,” according to DrownedMadonna.

The song is reportedly a “slow dub step” song with a guitar-led chorus, and has been described as an “amazing electronic ballad with acoustic breaks” about “asking a man to let her love him from inside out.”

The lyrics go something like this: “Show me your scars and the dark corners of your mind. Show me yours, and I’ll show you mine.

For further proof of the song’s existence, the fan site also points to two previous REFERENCES in Madonna’s Instagram history, including Mert Alas‘ now deleted “Let me love you from inside out Madonna” listening session photo and this one from Madge’s own collection: “Today I decided to sing in my underwear! No one seemed to mind! #loveyoufromtheinsideout. #artforfreedom.” I’m sold.

In any case, history has already shown that any “slow dub step” song called “Inside Out” is certifiably amazing.

Is it too early to start begging (to If U Seek Amy) for a mash-up between Madonna’s “Inside Out” and Brit Brit‘s own?

Let’s just imagine it together right now… #britforfreedom #secretprojectrevolutionney

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