FKA twigs has just done the impossible.

Until now, wearing a pair of Google’s very expensive glasses (Google Glass) pretty much meant you were a total douche, and probably going to be beaten up or kicked out of restaurants for wearing your freaky X-ray goggles in public.

But everything’s just changed, thanks to twigs.

The LP1 dancing goddess has gone and taken the techwear and used it for a 2-minute mini-film called #throughglass, implementing the specs into a mind-blowing tech-meets-art visual buffet of twigs’ sickening voguing skills set to “Video Girl” as inspired by Benjamin Milan, followed by a “dominant krumping” dance battle-turned-interpretive identity crisis complimented by a new song called “Glass & Patron” — all with a bit of anime eye makeup thrown in for good measure. (#DomKrumper looking for #SubVoguer, you?)

It’s really quite a sight to see…especially while wearing Google Glass.