Britney Launched A Hair Care Line In Europe, Is Still Promoting ‘Femme Fatale’

Did you know? The Legendary Miss Britney Spears isn’t just the Queen Of Smells, the Queen Of Vintage Nightwear, The Queen Of Rocking The Spots and The Queen Of Las Vegas — she’s now the Queen Of Blow Dryers too.

Sure, she hasn’t said a word about it yet (humble hair goddess), but B-Girl has launched a hair care line in Europe. How do we know? Because there are already advertisements — both print and video! — supporting the new line, which includes straighteners, hair brushes…even blow dryers, bitch.

The line is apparently available at Lidl. And if you don’t live in Europe, here’s an explanation of Lidl, courtesy of an ATRL member: “It’s a deep discount grocery store/supermarket chain. Walmart, for example, inspires much more confidence than Lidl and would comparatively be more expensive.” Affordableney!

#loveyourhairstyle. #hatemine. #HELP. We are all @britneyfangirl1234. And what a cool and personal voicemail cameo, Brit! It’s fab.

Either this very iconic advertisement was shot 3 years ago (quite possible) during an intermission while shooting the video for “Till The World Ends” or B-Girl’s just gone and jumped over her Most Personal Album To Date and landed back on her Femme Fatale feet. The commercial features not only the Femme Fatale logo, but “Hold It Against Me” blaring in the background. What’s a Britney Jean?

Just put your lips together and blow…dry your hair.


Side note: I am still recovering from the all-night Brit Brit B-day bash we threw down at Barracuda over the weekend. Thank you to everybody who attended! It was really cool and left-lane.

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