“Good Together”: Tom Aspaul Delivers A Starry Eyed, Feel So Good Surprise

You might not already know Tom Aspaul by name, but you already love him.

Last year, he released a song called “Indiana” with MNEK. That song then became the sublime “Feels So Good,” recorded by up-and-coming indie-experimental pop starlet, Kylie Minogue. You see? You guys are practically married.

Well, Tom just dropped a new tune today, and it’s called “Good Together.” And, according to his own description on FADER, the song has something to do with Sir Isaac Newton, getting shit-faced in Soho, Darkchild and Janet‘s “Doesn’t Really Matter” music video. You know, the sort of things all great pop songs are generally inspired by.

Produced by GRADES, “Good Together” is full of lush, late night twinkles and spacey synths. And yes, this boy’s definitely in love: “You were the apple from my tree, you were the pull of gravity/And I’m fallin’,” he sweetly coos. But it’s the chorus — the kind of velvety smooth, slinky R&B chorus that feels so good (REFERENCE) — that really drives the song: “Everybody’s saying we’d be good together…” (Also, those Janet-y “OOH-oh-OOH!” moments are an added bonus.)

The song is instant upon first play…like love at first sight, if you will.

“Good Together” premiered on December 10. (iTunes)

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