There is no album we need more, aside from R8, than that of Paris Hilton.

From 2013’s euphoric, time-enhancing “Good Time” to last year’s unicorn space opus “Come Alive,” the singer/actress/DJ/real estate entrepreneur has continuously supplied us with heaven-sent dance-pop gems following her stellar 2006 self-titled pop debut that are sa-na-saa-sa good.

Of course, she’s also been hard at work being a boss, from opening Paris Hilton Handbag & Accessories stores across the Middle East to launching the 18th fragrance in her billion dollar-generating line of perfumes (With Love, an obvious homage to Hilary Duff‘s comeback) to adopting expensive balls of fur, which is why any new music is a true blessing, indeed.

“Never Be Alone” is a song we first heard in a glamorous fashion film early last year. And yesterday, out of nowhere, the song’s producer — DJ Poet — put the song up in full on Soundcloud in all of its club-ready glory. Like “Come Alive,” the song is basically an odyssey back into throbbing, late ’90’s Euro-trance, accompanied by dreamy, strangely alien vocals: Think Ian Van Dahl, Alice DeeJay and Lasgo. (And maybe a little Kaskade, too.)

Seriously, it’s such a throwback, it’s actually ahead of its time: Everyone is on that early ’90’s House bent at the moment in pop from Kiesza to Disclosure, but just watch this trance sound become re-absorbed into Top 40 pop within the next 5 years. Paris, The Pioneer.

And that’s not all! Assuming all goes according to plan, her follow-up single “High Off My Love” should (finally) be arriving in February. The photos from the set alone are already too much to handle.

Praise her light. She’s #killingit, still.