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Knock on wood (or your nearest copy of Cheek To Cheek), because the dream might not quite be dead after all.

Lady Gaga, professional jazz singer and personal assistant to Mr. Tony Bennett, is in the studio with RedOne right this very second.

For those unfamiliar: RedOne is the producer who helped to pioneer the sound of Gaga’s early career as a pop star back in 1913, including the hit songs “Just Dance,” “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance.” Really! Just ask your grandparents about it. (He also did bits of Born This Way. And “Gypsy” on ARTPOP. That was a good one. Oh, those halcyon days!)

So here’s the question: Is Gaga making a grand return to pop? Or maybe she’s recording some more jazz! Everybody loves jazz. Who doesn’t love jazz? Let’s have some jazz. It’s probably jazz. Take it away, Liza!