Late last year, synth-pop legend Giorgio Moroder, the man behind Donna Summer‘s “I Feel Love” among a million other classics, revealed that he’ll be returning in 2015 with his first album of solo material in over 30 years.

But he’s not alone (not alone, not alone…)! He’ll be returning in style, thanks to features by some of today’s hottest starlets, from Charli XCX to Sia to the left-lane, artsy fartsy diva herself, The Legendary Miss Britney Spears.

And of course, there’s the divine disco diva to kick off the whole affair: Mizz Kylie Minogue.

“Right Here, Right Now” is the shimmering second taste of the feature-filled LP following “74 Is The New 24,” which has arrived, erm…a bit ahead of schedule. (Can we please stop ruining major pop campaigns by leaking songs early? Or does every artist just need to pull a Beyoncé at this point?)

The song sees Kylie revisiting Fever era like levels of disco-pop euphoria, layered between stomping robo-pulsations and warm washes of synths. The song glitters with a classic kind of disco sheen while still relishing in some modern blips and bleeps — and of course, those oh-so-very-Minogue coos. The pairing is, quite simply, a no-brainer.

“Staring in your eyes, I see the sunrise/There’s nowhere else but right here, right now!” Queen Kylie declares across the feel-good chorus. That’s it, Kylie. Take us there. Feel the fever!

Eager to learn some new moves to accompany the tune? Don’t fret: A Blake McGrath-choreographed video is coming very soon.

Here’s hoping this disco treat will tide you over until Moroderney arrives, Britney Army.

“74 Is The New 24” was released on November 17. (iTunes)