It’s amazing what some quality K-Pop can do to revitalize your spirit.

I’ve written about Miss A in the past: Three years ago, the troupe first popped up on my radar (on my ray-duh) with their (still) incredible “Touch,” along with the accompanying mini-album. And ever since, they’ve been supplying nothing but greatness. (Well…actually, they’ve mostly been on hiatus.)

Two years after their last studio album (2013’s Hush), the girls have returned this year with a bright, bubbly number called “Only You,” a song that serves as a reminder of their endless devotion to their respective baes…while still feelin’ themselves.

“I have many guy friends/That doesn’t mean I cannot love someone,” they sing (translated) on the peppy pop number, complete with a requisite, trendy horn-sounding breakdown. Don’t try and tell these empowered queens who they can and can’t hang out with, boys.

“I’m different from other women/I don’t like banal love!” The Miss A girls ain’t like the rest.

The accompanying music video is the standard flaw-free fare of K-Pop girl group greatness: Cute, catchy choreography, killer fashion-forward looks and a whole lot of bright colors. There’s also some weird stalker action from a man peering through the binoculars at the ladies getting dressed in their apartment. Miss A, please stop prancing around for a second and call the authorities. Have you not seen The Boy Next Door?

“Only You,” which has racked up nearly a million views within 24 hours of the video premiere, is the lead single from the troupe’s new mini-album Colors, which you can also stream in full below.

The whole set is a solid, breezy listen, from the light electronic pulsations of “Melting” to the swaggering “I Caught Ya” to my personal favorite of the bunch, “Love Song,” a piano-tinged trap-lite tune that bites a bit from the almighty build-up of songs like Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse” and Iggy Azalea‘s “Black Widow” while still sounding pretty fresh. La-UHH-oh-oh-oh-uh-uh love song!

‘Colors’ was released on March 30. (iTunes)