via ATRL's Team.B
via ATRL’s Team.B

The Legendary Miss Britney Spears is at the car wash, y’all! (The enduring impact of Legend X‘s Shark Tale soundtrack contribution!)

The Pretty Girl and her galpal I-G-G-Y had some fun pushin’ hot Bugatti Jeep whips around LA yesterday afternoon lookin’ like the new cast members of Bravo’s Real Housewives Of MILF County, and today, B’s headed down to the car wash to put in work (bitch) with some choreography…and new curls, y’all!

A first look, via Twitter.
A first look, via Twitter.

You betta tear that shit up, Danceney! You’re just so prett-ahhhy! 

Britney’s dancing again #PrettyGirls

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Y’all hear that? The dulcet vocals of Godney? I highly suggest you better prepare for…


Britney’s upcoming collaboration with Iggy Azalea drops on May 5.

Specifically, that’s 25 days until The Holy Spearit blesses our sorry souls and gives us a reason to live again.