#LoveWins: The Pride Weekend That Will Go Down In History

Let there be love.


So, it’s NYC Pride weekend…but not just any NYC Pride weekend.

This year marks a truly historic Pride. And, just in case your entirely rainbow-coated Facebook feed full of joy wasn’t enough of a clue that something real big ‘n gay just happened, I’ll break the news for you: The Supreme Court ruled in favor of equality (and, y’know, basic human decency), declaring same-sex marriage legal in the United States of America — all 50 states. All of us. #LoveWins.

On Thursday, I had the incredible privilege of attending the LOGO Trailblazer Honors for a second year, where I watched brave LGBTQ pioneers from all over the globe receive acknowledgement for their tireless efforts to provide safety, visibility and equality for the queer community. I also had the pleasure of seeing Adam Lambert slay the stage, a true trailblazing pioneer in his own right. (Is everyone aware he’s the first openly gay pop star to have a record go to #1 on the Billboard charts? Amazing.)


Between these two events, I’m feeling genuinely proud of the LGBTQ community — my community — which is why I’m pouring out all of these E•MO•TIONs (REFERENCE), LiveJournal style out of nowhere. Any event in history that unites us all for a good reason (love!) is so incredibly rare, and I’m feeling lucky that I was able to experience this moment in my lifetime, and grateful for every person responsible for fighting the good fight to make this day happen.

There is still so, so much work to be done for every L, G, B, T and Q in the community. No person should have to fear death, exile or physical and emotional abuse for the basic act of being who they are, and it still happens every day, both in this country and abroad. Living in a city that is, real talk, a big ol’ island of gays, I often take for granted how fortunate I am to be able to openly twirl my way into a gay bar in a mesh tank top without thinking anything about it. And having come out pretty much unscathed over a decade ago now (ancient history), I tend to forget how it first felt to be open about my sexuality — a decision that, for many people, simply isn’t an option. But we are getting closer.


This weekend, there is truly a cause for celebration, and many, many reasons to feel prouder than ever in 2015, from the emancipation of Caitlyn Jenner to Miss Miley‘s #InstaPride campaign to, at long last, marriage equality. All things that are, in the words of The Holy Spearit, really, really cool.

As a parting gift to you before I dance the weekend away, LGBT warrior Legendtina Christina Maria Nina Desnudate Goduilera texted me last night in between recording her upcoming musical masterpiece to tell you all to 1.) buy Lotus on iTunes and 2.) celebrate SAY!-me sex marriage with her enduring, ahead-of-its-time gay anthem.

Let there be love, fans.

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