There Is New Carly Rae Jepsen Music (In Japan, Where Art Is Still Appreciated)

There’s reason to get even more E•MO•TIONal.

There’s reason to get even more E•MO•TIONal.

Western society may be hurdling toward certain disaster (we accept the election season we think we deserve), but Asia still has their shit figured out — specifically Japan.

Why? Because unlike our dumb asses, they actually love and respect Real Music. And hologram pop stars, because reality is subjective.

It’s evidently not enough that Carly Raesus Jepselegend already blessed our unworthy ears with E•MO•TION, the greatest pop album of last year. Or that a “Boy Problems” video is coming. Soon. Or that she’s traveling around the country with her Gimme Love Tour and uniting the (gay) world at large.

No. She had to give us even more. (MOAH.)

Specifically, E•MO•TION REMIXED +, a Japan-only rae-mix album, rae-leased on Friday (March 18) by the eternally underrated pop savior and frequent sufferer of LA Hallucinations.

Not only does the album include a whole slew of remixes of E•MO•TION highlights from the likes of Young Bombs, Bleachers and The Knocks, but two “discards” from the E•MO•TION sessions — both of which happen to sound better than most anything flopping about on Top 40 radio airwaves at the moment.

“First Time” is perhaps the most #UnapologeticEighties of eighties-inspired songs Carly’s supplied to date, from the vintage vinyl record intro to those nostalgic synth blasts. Madonna. Cyndi. Kylie. C’mon, ladies. Like all of Carly’s most twinkly numbers, the track is effusive and earnest and optimistic, even in the face of potential romantic ruin: “When my heart breaks, it always feels like the first time / But if you stay here, we could kiss away the goodbye.” That “goodbye, goodbye, goodbye” before the bridge. The light Carly Rae Jepsechuckles afterward. Didn’t she tell you already? It’s always a good time.

“My breath was lost when you said…’friends.'” Gulp.

As great as Carly is with us-against-the-world odes that feel like falling in love for the first time, she excels equally well when it comes to all things Carly Rae Jevestated. “Your Type”, anyone? Carly’s running away again — but this time, it’s a solo journey on a bike. Tonight, she’s getting over you. But right now? She’s not super thrilled. Bonus points for the opening beat sounding just like Nelly Furtado‘s “Say It Right.”

There’s no reason these songs, along with every other discard, demo and bonus track, shouldn’t be on the album too. Someone just pull the trigger and dump all 200+ songs from the sessions on us, already.

We are so lucky to have Carly Rae Jepsen, and all of this E•MO•TION.

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